The latest in sneaky credit card fees


To nobody's surprise, credit cards are still imposing fees on their customers.

It wasn't necessarily supposed to be quite this bad, however. The Credit CARD Act, which goes into effect on August 22, is aimed at making credit cards more transparent, fair and a little less fee-heavy. But while some fees are going to be outlawed, many credit cards are just inventing new ones (or turning to some tried and true oldies) to replace them.

So if you have a credit card, I fee your pain (and now you know why I never made it as a stand-up comedian.) While the Credit CARD Act seemed to bring the promise of fixing all of our credit card woes, it appears that there will always be a way for the issuers to nab us with an array of creative fees and penalties.

The credit card industry is, after all, a business, and you're the customer. It can be easy to forget that when your piece of plastic is there, day and night, in your wallet, doing everything from helping you out of a jam to helping you buy jam. So if you haven't looked carefully at your statement lately, here are some of the fees you may have not noticed.