Sumner Redstone on Warpath Over Girl Band and The Daily Beast


Sumner Redstone, the billionaire chairman of Viacom (VIA) and CBS (CBS), is on the warpath over a story in The Daily Beast.

The story, written by Peter Lauria, said that Redstone, 87, was forcing MTV to take a documentary about girl band the Electric Barbarellas seeking a record deal. The story cited anonymous sources as saying that Redstone was smitten with the band, and was insisting that MTV take the "unwatchable" documentary.

Redstone called up Lauria and offered to "reward" and "protect" him if he would give up the name of his sources. Lauria declined, and reported the conversation on The Daily Beast.

"It is inevitable that with me involved this person will be found out," Redstone said. "It is better for him if he lets you expose him instead of me finding out who he is in some legitimate way."

Redstone told Lauria that MTV is enthusiastic about the documentary and that the original article was inaccurate.

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