Playstation Network details 'Pub Fund' program


Making games can be an expensive proposition. But Sony has a new program to encourage independent developers to make their products for the Playstation Network.

Speaking at Casual Connect on Tuesday, Sony's senior manager from the Developer Support Group describes their new Pub Fund program as something "close to my heart." The goal, he says, is to "help developers become publishers – to take control of their own destiny and publish their own content."

The Pub Fund allows any developers to submit as many games as they want, but only the best are accepted (an average of three-in-ten qualify). Cooney says they want to ensure the quality of a title they back.

As part of the terms, Sony asks for a one-year window of exclusivity for their platform, but wants the developers to keep the intellectual property. Developers have control over when the title is released, as well: "there's no slotting mechanism at Sony," says Cooney. "From a PSN publishing perspective, everyone is treated equally."

What the Pub Fund offers is a rebate on the development costs. Sony's limit for a PSN budget is $500,000. Every deal is different, says Cooney, but Sony will guarantee a rebate between 25% and 35% of the budget when the first quarterly royalty check is sent to the developer. When it comes to wanting the best games on their platform, Playstation Network is willing to put its money where its mouth is.

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