Maine Agents Get Creative to Sell Luxury Real Estate

About 650 homes for sale in Maine are priced at $1 million or more, and with the recession making it twice as hard to sell such homes, real estate agents in Maine are resorting to a lot more inventive marketing techniques.

High-end homes have to be promoted onto the market like a new products, Tom Landry, a Realtor in Portland, told the Maine Public Broadcasting Network.

Indirect marketing done by offering such properties for private events or photo shoots to raise their profiles is becoming more common in Maine.

"When we first launched this property we contacted some of the local magazines to offer the property up as a destination photoshoot area for them, if they had celebrities in town, etcetera," Landry said. "We were actually taken up on that by Portland magazine, and they used the roof on their cover shot, and they overlaid one of their celebrities onto that cover shot."