'Flying Pasties' can preserve your modesty from airport scanners


A Las Vegas company has launched a product called "Flying Pasties," claiming it can help preserve your modesty from full-body airport scanners.

"Flying Pasties" are orange rubber stickers that are placed inside or on top of your underwear to obscure your private parts.The stickers cost around $20 and come with cute sayings like "Only my husband sees me naked!" The company recommends you remove them if asked by airport security.

"Flying Pasties" have already generated criticism on blogs such as Jaunted and Consumerist for being ineffective and taking advantage of people's fears of the new airport scanners, as well as being uncomfortable.

"Flying Pasties don't belong on your body; they belong on FAILBlog," sniffs Jaunted.

The company admits the product is controversial.

"Some segments of society will undoubtedly condemn Flying Pasties for selling this product," the website states.