FarmVille Farmers Market Spa Crafting Building first look

farmer's market
For those looking for a little more something outta their farm life, new Crafting Buildings -- which are slowly rolling out in FarmVille this week -- are designed to give you just that. The Crafting Buildings include a spa, winery and bakery -- and each requires you to use bushels from your Farmer's Market to make recipes and trade them in for fuel or other items.

Based on these photos, it's not clear what the final Spa recipes are, but a month ago, FarmVille Community Manager Lexilicious said they would be the following:

* Fresh Sachet – Pumpkins, Cranberries, and Sunflowers
* Floral Perfume – Raspberries and Morning Glory
* Soothing Herbal Lotion – Aloe Vera and Green Tea
* Relaxation Oil – Blueberries and Morning Glory

farmville spa recipes

You will also be able to upgrade your FarmVille Spa, using coins or 15 Farm Cash. The higher your spa's star rating, the more tables will be open for crafting. Below are pictures of the FarmVille Spa in its beginning stages and then when it's completely upgraded.

farmville freak

farmvile spa crafting building completed

[Via FarmVille Freak]

Did you get your FarmVille Crafting Building yet? Have any more info on them? Leave a note in the comments below!
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