FarmVille Crafting Buildings start to appear in Farmers Market

farmville farmers market
farmville farmers market

After weeks of hearing about them, it looks like Crafting Buildings (formerly called 'Crafting Cottages') have finally started to roll out in FarmVille. You can locate your Crafting Building by opening your Farmer's Market or Market Stall. Once that's open, click on the Buy button (with the shopping bag logo), you will be able to see which bushels and goods are available for your crafting building.

There are several steps to creating goods in your new Crafting Building:

1. Turn your bushels into goods.
2. Make and sell goods to level up your Rrecipes.
3. Level up recipes to upgrade your Crafting Building.
4. Use your goods to trade for fuel, and later on, you'll be able to trade goods for special rewards.