End the summer, start school with 10 hot jobs and ways to make money

So you need a job for the last month of summer before you go back to your college courses, but you don't have a job yet. Don't wait a minute longer. Start applying to jobs immediately if you want to get hired before the summer's end--and find an opportunity to make cash could last into the school year.

To help your search, here's a list of employers who are hiring now, and ripe job opportunities.

1. Jobs for the Environment (Environment America, Sierra Club, Green Peace)
Pay: $9-$15 an hour
Position: Canvasser, coordinator

If you have the skill and determination, you could probably canvas for the rest of your life and keep working up the ladder. But, if you just have a few months, (secretly) little patience for the public, and a kind heart, this might be the type of job you want for a short period of time. Check out any number of organizations, from the Sierra Club to Green Peace-they are always hiring. I don't think they ever stop. Visit www.jobsthatmatter.org.