End the summer, start school with 10 hot jobs and ways to make money

So you need a job for the last month of summer before you go back to your college courses, but you don't have a job yet. Don't wait a minute longer. Start applying to jobs immediately if you want to get hired before the summer's end--and find an opportunity to make cash could last into the school year.

To help your search, here's a list of employers who are hiring now, and ripe job opportunities.

1. Jobs for the Environment (Environment America, Sierra Club, Green Peace)
Pay: $9-$15 an hour
Position: Canvasser, coordinator

If you have the skill and determination, you could probably canvas for the rest of your life and keep working up the ladder. But, if you just have a few months, (secretly) little patience for the public, and a kind heart, this might be the type of job you want for a short period of time. Check out any number of organizations, from the Sierra Club to Green Peace-they are always hiring. I don't think they ever stop. Visit www.jobsthatmatter.org.

2. Pet care – anywhere!
Pay: $10-$20 an hour
Position: dog walker

You could land the right dog-walking or cat care gig and wind up keeping it through the school year and making some extra cash on the side. Most places require you to be free from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., but some could be more flexible-just ask. I, personally, have a dog-walking gig that allows me to work between my other two jobs, between 1:30 and 3 p.m. -- and it's all because I was upfront with my employer when I interviewed for the job. Let your employer know that you will be attending school in the fall, so you don't leave them hanging if you have to relocate to a far-away campus.

3. McDonald's (or any other fast food place, for that matter)
Pay: $8-$10 an hour
Position: Cashier, line cook

Don't groan-- just suck it up, and make the best of it. You'll make some money and maybe learn a lesson in modesty. If you have the right mindset, it can lead to better things. In fact, the richest person I know started out working at Burger King -- now he's a venture capitalist with three gigantic homes in the U.S (And if you don't learn about modesty, maybe you'll learn how to save your money and invest. Or, how to hold the pickle and the lettuce.)

4. Telemarketing – anywhere!
Pay: $10-$20 an hour
Position: Answering phones

Telemarketing positions are ubiquitous and always hiring! If you are good on the phone and can handle getting hung up on (I'm just being honest here), this could work for you. Look up telemarketing jobs here.

5 and 6. Argo Tea or Starbucks
Pay: $8-$10 an hour
Position: Barista, cashier

If you live in Chicago or New York City, you might want to look into applying to an Argo Tea. I had the chance to speak with a staff member at an Argo Tea location in Chicago and learned that most of the staff who attend school work full time in the summer and part time during the school year. Caleb Scales, 20-year-old student as Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, had this advice for anyone applying to Argo Tea: "When you get an interview, being really upbeat and cheerful helps. They look for people that will make good salesmen and comfortable behind the register. Also, emphasize reliability."

If you don't live in Chicago or NYC, or if you've exhausted your Argo Tea applications, look into Starbucks or any other coffee shop. It's a great atmosphere for college students to work.

7. Sittercity
Pay: $8-$20 an hour
Position: Babysitter

Make a profile. Cite your references. You're likely to get responses within hours. Have you ever seen frazzled parents who haven't had a date night oin months? Not pretty. But you could be their savior -- and when the rug rats go down to bed, you're basically paid to watch DVDs, study or curl up with a good book. Visit www.sittercity.com.

8. Sport and Social Club
Pay: $10 + an hour
Position: Scorekeeper, referee, umpire

There's one in every city. Just look up "sport and social club" plus the name of your city. If you have the experience, you can get a job as a referee or an umpire -- in which case you could make along the lines of $25 an hour. Good deal in my book.

9. Kohl's
Pay: $8-$12 an hour
Position: Retail and customer service

Kohl's was recently listed as one of the top ten companies predicted to hire the most people in 2010. Whether you're in it for the long hall, or just for the rest of the summer, be up front during your interview, and you could land a fulltime job for the summer and cut back your hours for the fall and continue working part time during the school year-if you so choose.

10. eBay or Craigslist
Pay: Whatever you make of it
Position: Self-employed

Ebay and Craigslist allow you to have a virtual garage sale. You can get rid of all the junk you don't want and make some money. I'm always a fan of purging. If you ask me, the empty-apartment look is sexy. And a wad of cash makes sure you have fun and food on the table. That's not only sexy, that's survival of the smartest.
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