Walmart Perdue Great Value chicken nuggets recalled due to plastic

Walmart Perdue Great Value chicken nuggets recalled.Perdue issued a recall for frozen chicken nuggets sold at Walmart stores under the Great Value brand because the nuggets could contain pieces of plastic, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service.

The nuggets are sold in 1-pound, 13-ounce bags and have the established number P-33944, a case code of 89008 A0160 and a best used by date of June 9, 2011. Cases contain eight bags each.

Consumer complaints about small pieces of blue plastic in the nuggets led to the recall, the USDA said. No injuries or illnesses have been reported in connection to the nuggets, but the USDA suggests anyone who has eaten them and is concerned should contact their doctor.

"We determined the likely source was a small plastic ring that got into the raw material before the nuggets were formed," Bruce Stewart-Brown, Perdue's Senior Vice President for Food Safety and Quality, said in a statement. "This would have resulted in a minimal amount of consumer packages potentially containing nuggets with the plastic, which is bright blue in color."

The nuggets were made on June 9 and about 92,000 pounds -- more than 50,000 packages -- were shipped to stores nationwide.

Anyone with questions should call Perdue Consumer Relations at (877) 727-3447.
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