Pet Society Chocolate Boxes Glow in the Dark

Pet Society Glow in the Dark Box
Whee! What a nice surprise to see that the new chocolate boxes glow in the dark! They're even brighter than the skyscrapers in the window.

These boxes cost 550 apiece and give you a different piece of chocolate for the rest of this week. The chocolates themselves are nice, but we really like these beautiful boxes which can be used as decoration long after they've become empty.

We're not sure if the glow-in-the-dark feature was intentional or a mistake. The official Pet Society blog made no mention of it. Either way, we think it's fun, and the boxes get our highest rating of 5 paws. Here they are in the light:
Pet Society Chocolate Box
Which chocolate box is your favorite?

This article originally appeared onPet Society Anonymous.
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