Job posting points to Facebook videoconference Charades game


My usual daily Google crawl of social-gaming-related terms turns up an awful lot of job postings looking for "social game programmers." These posts are usually extremely vague or, alternatively, all-too-clear about wanting to copy the hot social gaming trend-of-the-moment. But sometimes, all that searching hits upon a genuinely unique and exciting social gaming idea well before it officially hits.

Such is the case with this here posting for a "videoconference social game" from a mysterious outfit called Basically, the game described in the attached documents is an online, multiplayer version of charades (or "celebrities") where players take turns acting out silent clues to get their teammates to guess a secret term or person. Up to eight people will be able to play at once through video conference windows that shift around and change sizes as new players come up for their three minute rounds.

After reading through the description, this seems like a no-brainer idea for online social networks, and with the mass availability of webcams and high bandwidth connections capable of handling multiple streaming video, it seems like it might finally be technically feasible. It also got us wondering what other dinner-party-style games could make the transition online. Pictionary is already well represented, as are most card and board games, but with maybe this video conferencing idea could be put towards something like Truth or Dare or Spin the Bottle next, eh?

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