Hey kids, design a Coke bottle and win a trip

It's mid summer, and the kids are starting to whine louder than the cicadas. Time to break out the Coke bottles. As part of a year-long campaign to find out what happiness means around the world, the Coca Cola company is asking consumers in 206 countries to design a Coke bottle showing what makes them happy and optimistic. This month, the contest became available to residents in the U.S.

The contest calls for designs executed on a glass (8oz., or 12 oz.) or plastic Coke bottle (12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz., 20 oz.), asing whatever craft materials and art supplies at hand, to show what makes you happy. For some, that might look like the first day of school, for others perhaps a field of daisies, a sky full of rainbows or a house that's completely paid off.

Winners receive an all-expenses paid VIP trip to New York City to meet Coke's "Happiness Ambassadors," although, if it keeps a bored teen busy for a few hours everybody wins.