blog takes on Casual Connect in Seattle

casual connect in seattleI'm feeling a little giddy this morning. Why? It's the first day of Casual Connect in Seattle. For those of you who aren't in the know, Casual Connect is a three-day conference where the who's who of casual games get together and, well, talk about casual games. That also includes social games, which is what we cover religiously on the blog.

This week, our crew will be meeting with people who make your favorite casual/social games and pick their brains about big trends and, hopefully, get a sneak peek at upcoming games. I'm especially looking forward to the always outspoken Hi5 CTO Alex St. John's Facebook Smackdown event, Playdom's John Pleasant's talk about the future of social games, hearing Ohai's Susan Wu's thoughts on what's next for social games after FrontierVille and World of Warcraft and learning more about the upcoming Google Games.

casual connect in seattle

And, like all trade shows, there will be lots of after-hours socializing. Why should you care? That means we'll get a chance to squeeze out more information on what games will be headed your way this year. If you want to stay abreast what's happening at Casual Connect, bookmark follow us on Twitter.
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