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Beat the summer heat with our cool tips on everything from A/C fine-tuning to creating a seaside vibe in your own living room. It's all here (and more!) on RentedSpaces this week:

Your Neighbor's Drippy A/C Unit: How to Fix It
In case the oppressive summer heat isn't annoying enough, this reader has upstairs neighbors (3 floors of them!) all channeling their window unit runoff right onto his back stoop. See our workarounds when you read more.

Queer Eye's Thom Filicia on Big Design Mistakes and Small Apartments
What has interior Thom Filicia been up to since his hit show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy wrapped? Chatting with RentedSpaces, for one thing. Check out our interview for Thom's great ideas on small-space decorating. Read more.

Portable Apartment Heralds End of Moving!
Whether you think it's extremely cool, or extremely impractical, it's definitely extreme: a folding apartment that packs down into a box small enough to fit through a doorway. And at $15,000, not extremely affordable. Read more.

Design Blogs Roundup: Bring the Beach Inside
Forget about the shell-filled lamps that decorated your granny's seaside cottage -- beach chic has come a long way since then. Learn to create a tasteful beach vibe in your own space when you read more.

Live Simply: The Best Books to Help
Consider it the self-help section for junk lovers and clutter keepers: our roundup of 5 great books aimed at helping you live a more simple -- and less consumerist -- lifestyle. Read more.

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