Pet Society: Huge Park Mascot and the Essentials of Cute

Pet Society Fun Park Mystery Eggs Park Mascot
Pet Society Fun Park Mystery Eggs Park Mascot

Can you believe how big this guy is? He's a Park Mascot who comes in the Fun Park Mystery Eggs for 600 coins. My pet Sushi and I like the balloons he's holding–they bob up and down–but we're daunted by his size.

This led me to do a little research on park mascots. Turns out some people have a real fear of them. On, I found several interesting comments:

...People dressed as big characters or animals are just really freaky. I have thought that they were since I was little, and I'm not really sure why. If I see one I get all scared and just try not to look at them, but I still know they're there and it's horrible. I'm 15 now and it was so embarrasing on the school trip to Disneyland, because I couldn't tell anybody and I insisted that we took the longer routes around to avoid those creepy things! It's their faces, they're so scary! And they don't speak either, that's creepy too.