Make Facebook Your Friend When Buying a House

An image of social networking site Facebook
An image of social networking site Facebook

Looking at listings from the comfort of your Facebook account can be pretty convenient when house hunting, especially when you've befriended several brokers and added them to your social network.

Following brokers on Twitter to find out about the latest properties in a hash-tagged region, and their sweet amenities that you exclusively desire, can be a time-saving aggregator for potential buyers. With so many third-party resources cluing the public in on what is available within the housing market, opting to DIY means there's opportunities to buy and sell on all sorts of mediums.

But are social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter the best ways to acquire and unload real estate? According to Inman News, "There's a difference between embracing social networking and squeezing it to death.

HousingWatch spoke to several brokers to determine the dos and don'ts of using social media when buying or selling a house: