Lindsay Lohan to open rehab center?

Future jailbird Lindsay Lohan wants to open her own chain of rehab centers so she can help others.

Lindsay is currently residing at Pickford Lofts, a sober-living house in Los Angeles founded by her new defense attorney Robert Shapiro. The actress must check into jail by Tuesday. But she's still got time to make business plans, Dina Lohan tells In Touch Weekly.

"Lindsay actually wants to open up her own rehab center here and a couple across the country to help other kids and celebs so they don't fall through the cracks in this town. She mentioned it to me a couple of days ago. She's really growing up."

The irony, of course, is that Dina adamantly denies that Lindsay has any alcohol or drug problems and blames the rest of the world for "persecuting" her family. Seems the "it's everyone else's fault but mine" mantra doesn't fall far from the tree. For reference, see when Dina blames Carvel for hating on her by refusing to give her free cake.

Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in jail on July 6 for violating her probation in a drunk-driving case.