Irked by iPhone, Whoopi Goldberg 'murdered' hers

Just when you thought Apple's iPhone 4 publicity couldn't get any worse, Whoopi Goldberg just murdered it, literally. Goldberg, co-host of the popular daytime talk show The View, expressed her frustration with her new iPhone 4 after it dropped her important interview call while on the air with Stephen A. Smith.

iPhone 4 has received many complaints about its antenna problems. Consumer Reports recently stated that it cannot recommend the iPhone 4 because of this. The antenna which wraps around the side of the iPhone fashionably covered in stainless steel poses the risk of dropped calls when griped at the bottom. Most iPhone 4 users are generally happy with their new phone and have experienced no problems, but Goldberg said it's not just an antenna problem. Her phone also failed to receive emails.

Frustrated, Goldberg opened her car door and slammed the iPhone 4, or in her words "murdered the damned thing."