FarmVille Limited Lightning Collectibles: Gemstone Collection Explained

FarmVille has another new exciting feature: Lighting Collections. These new Collections, such as the Gemstone Collection, can only be found when planting crops on your farm. Players will also have the option of purchasing the items in the collection for $FV.
FarmVille Explains Lightning Collections
Note: Lightning Collections are not yet in full release. If you do receive a Gemstone, use it at your own risk it may be lost.
FarmVille Gemstone Collection
The Lightning Gemstone Collection has 6 components.

Free Gifables ( 3 Items ) or available for 1 $FV:
* Topaz – Common
* Amethyst – Common
* Turquoise – Common

The remaining 3 Gemstones can be found while planting crops or purchased for $FV:
* Ruby 2$FV – Uncommon
* Emerald 2$FV – Uncommon
* Diamond 3$FV -Rare

So you can be patient; accept gifts and try to find the Collectibles OR purchase them for a total of 10$FV (the complete set).

When you complete the Gemstone collection you can share a few extras with neighbors:
FarmVille Gemstone Collection Sharing on FaceBook

But, currently you will not be able to complete this collection again, as the congratulations pop explains:
"You won't be able to collect more Gemstone items, but you can still share extra Gemstone Collection items with your friends."
FarmVille Gemstone Collection Completed
Upon completion players will recieve free Xp and an 'awesome trophy':
FarmVille Gemstone Trophy
What are your thoughts on the new Lightning Collection feature?

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