Facebook broadening Credits giveaways for gamers


While some developers and users are still somewhat ambivalent about Facebook's new unified Credits currency, we're pretty sure no one is ambivalent about free stuff. So we're pretty sure that no social gamer can be unhappy that Facebook is widening its credit giveaway program in many popular social games.

Inside Facebook readers have reported seeing ads for anywhere from 10 to 25 free Facebook Credits (worth $1 to $2.50) popping up alongside "many Facebook games" in the past week. Of course this isn't the firsttime Facebook has given away credits to gamers, but the expanded breadth of these giveaways seems to show Facebook is making a big push to get gamers invested in their new currency. And it's easy to see why: Facebook reportedly gets 30 cents on the dollar for every Facebook Credit spent.

So what do you think? Is a couple of dollars enough to get you to jump on board with this new payment system? Maybe you're already on board and just happy to get a few more Credits for no good reason? Or perhaps you going to hold out with your credit card payments to the bitter end, in some form of misguided solidarity with developer independence. In any case, let us know in the comments.