Babies"R"Us diaper lament: 'I want my money back'

Babies r Us diaper problem
Babies r Us diaper problem

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Q. I have been contacting Babies"R"Us for a year and I've continuously gotten the run around. This angers me because as the mother of two little ones, I have spent thousands of dollars with them and they don't even have the courtesy of settling a dispute that would set them back a mere $19.99. One afternoon while shopping at Babies"R"Us I was not able to find the proper size in the diapers of my choice, so I decided to try their Especially for Baby store brand diapers. On both the diaper boxes and "Internet descriptions the company claims that their

"stretchable grip tabs allow baby to move freely and comfortably while preventing leaks. Great for overnight or everyday use, their super-absorbent cores quickly pull moisture away from baby's skin, keeping baby dry and comfortable. Soft comfort leak guards at the leg openings and a moisture-proof cover enhance their effectiveness."