PetVille Treasure Trinkets: Just how rare are they?

PetVille treasure trinkets
PetVille treasure trinkets

Over the weekend, PetVille players were greeted with a new message telling them about new prizes that can be found when you visit your friend's houses. These "super rare" Treasure Trinkets are either a Crown, Mushroom, or Diamond in a variety of colors. When you find one of these items, they act as trash which means that clicking them will automatically give you the reward. I'm a little disappointed that I can't keep the items if I find them and have the choice to sell them, but finding a 10,000 coin reward might take the sting off a bit. You can also find these items when you use Clean Bombs.

So far, these seem to be very rare as expected. I cleaned approximately 60 different PetVille houses tonight and didn't see a single rare item. I'm sure it will take some time to discover one. Players are posting in the official announcement thread that they have found these items. Supposedly, the diamond will give you 500 coins, and the crown will give you 1000 coins. Could it be the mushroom that gives you 10,000 coins, or are these random in their coin reward amount?

Have you found one of the new Treasure Trinkets? Which one, and how many coins did you get for it?