Sleep in a Museum for a Month Contest

Ben Stiller spent an hysterical "Night at the Museum" in the hit 2006 movie. If that experience makes you envious, The Museum of Science and Industry Chicago is looking for someone to spend a month in the museum.

If you win the nationwide search you'll live at the museum for 30 days, Oct. 20 to Nov. 18, and also walk away with a $10,000 cash prize. Note: That time period includes Halloween.

"We hear so often from guests that a single visit here changed their lives. We're curious to find out what spending an entire month here can do," says Rob Gallas, MSI's vice president and chief marketing officer.

To enter the contest, you need to send a 60-second video about you and why you should be the person chosen for the assignment, a 500-word essay, an application form and a 5 x 7 head shot. Dealine is Aug. 11.

The museum is ranking the contest right up there with its opening in 1933, when it got a U-505 submarine in 1954 and when it started displaying a 727 jet in 1994 – the winner will even get to sleep in those in addition to in a custom-designed glass cube.

Applicants must be 18 or older and "an adventurous, outgoing person with a strong interest in learning about science and the world around her or him, plus the ability to write very well about your experiences," according to the museum's website.

They are also hoping to find someone web-savvy "who can keep your thumb out of frame when taking photographs."

During the once-in-a-lifetime assignment, the winner will have full run of the museum and be able to "breathe science" 24/7, reporting findings to the outside world. The museum has 14 acres to explore.

In addition to cash, the contest winner will also go home with the package of tech gadgets (including a notebook computer and camera) they used to record their stay and an honorary lifetime membership to MSI.

One thing some might find difficult – the contest winner needs to agree to very limited contact with the outside and limited or prohibited use of a cell phone, texting, email, Facebook and so forth while in residence at the museum. And you can't have visitors overnight.

Also, the contest rules warn you may be sleeping in confined or "untraditional" spaces.

The winner will be announced on Oct. 7.

Photo courtesy of the Museum of Science and Industry Chicago
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