Retailers Launching Their Own Stimulus Plans to Bring in Shoppers


Forget the Fed, retailers are getting creative when it comes to stimulating sales. Barring any kind of nationally-funded stimulus plan, stores are coming up with their own, offering discounts, contests, cash back and even a loan, should you qualify.

Big Box Retailers Are Giving a Little Cash Back to Shoppers

Kmart and its sister company Sears are rewarding members of its "Shop Your Way" program with 10 points for every dollar spent in stores and online. Points can then be redeemed for various designated items and services, like oil changes, says a Kmart spokeswoman. Wal-Mart, meanwhile, continues to open Money Centers in stores that offer some traditional banking services to customers who the company refers to as the "unbanked" -- mainly those who don't have debit cards or credit cards and are likely to rely on checks and cash to pay for goods and services.