Peter Sellers Tried to Change Will Just Before Dying, Letter Says


Comedian Peter Sellers tried to change his will just before he died, according to a newly-revealed letter.

Sellers, best known for his roles as Chief Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther movies and the crazed Dr. Strangelove in the film of the same name, wrote a letter dated July 22, 1980, saying he wanted to prevent his entire fortune passing to his estranged fourth wife, Lynne Frederick, the BBC reported.

Later that day, Sellers collapsed at a hotel in London and went into a coma. Two days later, he was dead. He was 54 years old.

Sellers signed the letter, which says that his daughter Victoria, whom he had with his second wife, Britt Ekland, should receive £20,000 ($30,766) on her 21st birthday.

The papers were never made official and the bulk of his fortune went to Frederick. Victoria received just £800.

The letter is being auctioned this weekend and is expected to fetch as much as £1,500. Sellers' Golden Globe for his role in the 1979 movie Being There is also on the block, and is expected to sell for as much as £6,000.