Man jailed for charging elderly woman $2,200 for 20-minute tree trim


A man who apparently charged an elderly woman $2,200 for 20 minutes' work is now sitting in a Colorado jail as police investigate other allegations he took advantage of seniors.

According to the Better Business Bureau of Boulder and Denver, Ollie Edington, who runs a business called Tree Guys, showed up in the yard of a 93-year-old woman unsolicited and told her he was there to repair her roof.

When she said she did not believe him, he said he could trim some of her trees. She agreed, but after he trimmed four to six small branches in 20 minutes, Eddington told the woman she owed him $2,400, the BBB said. She protested and he reduced the price to $2,200, which she said she paid out of fear.

Police say the woman was not Eddington's first victim. He is on probation in Georgia for exploitation of the elderly, and is banned from that state except for Echols County, where he is only able to work for clients under age 70.

Eddington is being held in Boulder County Jail while the police continue investigations on him and his business's practices.

When it comes to landscaping, AARP ElderWatch advises seniors to:

  • Beware of anyone who shows up at your door unsolicited.

  • Find contractors through recommendations from friends, not from advertisements.

  • Make sure the work being done is needed.

Consumers can report scams of this nature to Elderwatch, which operates in conjunction with the Colorado Attorney General.

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