Amazon coupon code has magazines an extra 50% off


Here is one perk of buying magazines on -- on top of pretty competitive prices -- the company sends out mega coupon codes like this one. Use amazon coupon code

5OOFFJUL at checkout to get a slew of magazines for half off the prices you see through the above link. I'm tempted to subscribe to Cowboy for $7.50 just to see what is in the pages. The magazine sale expires July 31, 2010.

Sale titles include, among others:

  • Yoga for $8

  • Smart Money for $5

  • Islands for $6

  • Parenting for $5

  • Xbox Magazine for $12.50

  • Mac Life for $10

  • PC Gamer for $10

  • Skateboarding for $7.50

  • Playstation for $9

  • Nintendo Power for $10

  • Inc. for $5

  • Crochet Today for $8

  • Fast Company for $5

  • Maximum PC for $7.50

  • Backpacker for $6

You may use these deals to renew a current subscription or to buy as a gift.

Caveats: part of these low prices is due to the fact that they are on auto-renew. Make sure to put a note in your calender four weeks before the subscription runs out so you can check what the renewal rate is. You can cancel a subscription at any time. Some of the magazines ship irregularly, so make sure you know what you are signing up for.

Buying a magazine supports WalletPop.