Treasure Isle lost peacocks are homeward bound

treasure isle lost peacocks
treasure isle lost peacocks

Folks, you aren't going to believe this, but there are peacocks lost around Treasure Isle! I have no idea how they got there seeing as peacocks can barely fly or swim. Nonetheless they are lost and looking for homes (just like that movie with the two dogs and the cat). Poor guys. Perhaps a peacock shipment to a nearby zoo crashed and emptied its feathery cargo into the Treasure Isle archipelago. If you have any better theories let me know...

The only way to get a peacock of your own is by making your friends play a lot of Treasure Isle. Eventually a lost peacock will show up and your friend will be able to put it up for adoption for you to take home. Like other lost animals in Facebook games, if you find the animal you can't keep it yourself, so you better hope your friends are feeling generous.

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