The Beatles make an appearance in Restaurant City

restaurant city beatles
As part of Restaurant City's new 60s Psychedelic Theme, the world's most famous band has made an appearance in a Facebook game. Though, it isn't exactly the four artists we've come to love. To avoid paying royalties, Restaurant City has changed the names of the band-mates slightly, but not so much that we weren't able to immediately recognize them.

Continue reading to check out the hilarious restaurant themed names and discover what it'll cost you to have them play at your eatery.
restaurant city beatles

John Lemon
(John Lennon) - 8 Playfish Cash

Mango Star (Ringo Starr) - 12 Playfish Cash

Paul Macaroni (Paul McCartney) - 25,000 Coins

George Halibut (George Harrison) - 36,000 Coins
restaurant city beatles
restaurant city beatlesWe're surprised to see that George Harrison and Ringo are the more expensive Beatles when it is Paul and John who get most of the press and credit. Perhaps Restaurant City did Beatles fans a service by making the more popular band mates cheaper. Either way, everyone knows its no use having just one of the members, most of the solo albums were but a fraction of the quality the entire band displayed. If you get one, you have to buy all four, no question.

Restaurant City even included a hippy who could very well be a Beatles fan. My guess is his favorite album is Magical Mystery Tour, and his favorite songs: 'Strawberry Fields Forever' and 'I Am the Walrus.'

Head to Restaurant City to check out the Beatles (or, rather, their impersonations). Perhaps even purchase the band to forever play in your very restaurant. What an honor that would be. Finally, we'd like to award kudos to Restaurant City for awesomeness.

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