Restaurant City's groovy Psychedelic Theme arrives full of flower power

restaurant city psychedelic theme
Restaurant City continues to embrace the grooviest decade ever with their new Psychedelic 60s theme. Last week, Restaurant City took a more hip approach to the decade with their 60s Pop Chic theme and Magic Box. This week, we're getting nice and relaxed with the new psychedelic decor. Some special guests are in town too. Distant cousins of The Beatles: John Lemon, George Halibut, Mango Star, and Paul Macaroni can be purchased to play in your restaurant.

Continue reading to see all the new items.

The new items are as follows:

restaurant city psychedelic theme
Pink Mod Sofa -2,500 Coins
Burgundy Mod Sofa - 2,500 Coins
WIcker Chair - 2,500 Coins

restaurant city psychedelic theme
Bead Curtain Door - 4,200 Coins

restaurant city psychedelic theme
Wall Decorations
Groovy Records - 15,000 Coins

restaurant city psychedelic theme
Plum Floor Rug - 5 Playfish Cash
John Lemon - 8 Playfish Cash
Hippy Camper Van - 12 Playfish Cash
Mango Star - 12 Playfish Cash
Hippy Potted Plant - 900 Coins or free gift
Peace Incense Holder - 1,000 Coins or free gift
Wood Incense Holder - 1,500 Coins
Small Wax Leaf Plant - 2,300 Coins
Ochre Modernist Divider - 2,400 Coins
Sky Modernist Divider - 2,400 Coins
PInk Modernist Divider - 2,400 Coins
Burgundy Mod Sofa Corner - 2,700 Coins
restaurant city psychedelic theme
Burgundy Mod Sofa Centre - 2,700 Coins
Pink Mod Sofa Corner - 2,700 Coins
Pink Mod Sofa Centre - 2,700 Coins
Camp Fire - 3,300 with email permission
Cypress Tree - 4,000 Coins
Hippy Tent - 5,200restaurant city psychedelic theme
Earth Mother Statue - 12,000 Coins
Hippy Guitarist - 15,000 Coins
Earth Floor Rug - 16,000 Coins
Mystic Statue - 16,000 Coins
Paul Macaroni - 25,000 Coins
Siting Monk Statue - 25,000 Coins
George Halibut - 36,000

restaurant city psychedelic theme
Floor Tile
Earth Tile - 35 Coins
Earthenware Terracotta Tile - 55 Coins
Earthenware Mixed Tile - 55 Coins
Earthenware Stone Tile - 55 Coins
Hotel Series Chocolate Tile - 70 Coins
Hotel Series Midnight Tile - 70 Coins
Orange Floral Tile - 80 Coins
Green Floral Tile - 80 Coins
Apache Pattern Tile - 120 Coins

restaurant city psychedelic theme
Psychedelic Pink Wallpaper - 4,000 Coins
Psychedelic Green Wallpaper - 4,000 Coins
Psychedelic Tan Wallpaper - 4,000 Coins

restaurant city psychedelic theme

Hippie Ice Cream Van - 20 Playfish Cash

restaurant city psychedelic theme
Kitchen Appliance
Natural Juice Dispenser (Serves drinks 12% faster) - 10 Playfish Cash
Hippy Stove (Cooks 12% faster) - 15 Playfish Cash
Psychedelic Stove (Cooks 4% faster) - 15,000 Coins

Employee Uniform
Tie Dye Shirt - 1,600 Coins
restaurant city psychedelic theme
Personally, I'm a huge Beatles fan and a big fan of relaxing. I'm not old enough to know much about hippies, but I'm sure they were nice people. I'm definitely going to be getting on some of these awesome 60s items to hopefully peer into a decade i wasn't lucky enough to experience. Although, if I had to choose just one 60s item to purchase out of both the Psychedelic and Pop Chic themes, it would definitely be the Tie Dye Shirt. In fact, you can expect every one of my employees to be wearing it because that is an excellent piece of clothing. Far out.
restaurant city psychedelic theme
Head to Restaurant City to check it all out for yourself. What do you guys think of the new goodies?

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