One student's entrepreneurial efforts in beauty and fashion blogging


Bren Lee Gomez is one busy college student. In addition to managing her beauty blog, So Much Pretty, she's in the midst of launching online fashion competition blog, The Fashion Front line -- all this on top of school and work. We caught up with Gomez and got the details on her new blog as well as some tips for making money from blogging.

Money College: Can you tell me about how you first became interested in fashion and beauty?

Bren Lee Gomez: My aunt was a make-up artist, and my dad never let me wear nail polish or make-up when I was a teenager, so I think that bred even more interest. I own way more than is appropriate, but its my hobby. Some people ride horses, I buy make-up and shoes.

MC: When did you decide to venture into beauty and fashion blogging?

BLG: About two years ago, the brand I worked for was discontinued (Sugar Cosmetics), and I found myself with tons of free time. SparkleShelf actually approached me about writing for them every so often, so I jumped at the chance. I started writing for a few other sites, and eventually, decided to start my own blog so I could be the one deciding what to write.