Free child safety tattoos, if you can believe it

child tattoo
child tattoo

Tattoo your child with important info so he or she will never get lost. Brilliant -- because the free tattoos are temporary.You can paste 'em onto your kid the morning of the county fair, before a school field trip to the big city or on the eve of another event where your child may get lost.

The freebie is courtesy of Protection One, a security company that claims the free tattoos will make your kids think "you rock." Um, yeah. If the tattoos looked less like a "Hello My Name Is" sticker, that might be true. On the other hand, the fake tattoo gimmick is bizarre enough it may just work.

Get the freebie by sharing your name, address, email, and phone number. The form also asks two quick questions and lets you opt to receive sales brochures.

Thanks, Free Stuff 4 Free!

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