FarmVille Queen Bee: How to find a royal for your new hive

queen bee
queen bee

Everyone's buzzing about the new FarmVille beehive, mostly wondering how the #$!* to find a Queen Bee. So consider yourself warned: Finding this insect will most likely be a royal pain in the backside.

There are several ways to find the Queen Bee. The easiest way to find her is by keeping an eye on your Facebook Wall. Once one of your neighbors find a Queen Bee, they will also be able to share one with friends via Wall Post. Since this bee is in high demand, you'll really need to stay glued to your Wall, and click right away if you see someone giving away a Queen for free.

The second easiest way to find a Queen Bee is by purchasing one in the in-game Market. You can find the Queen Bee under the Animals category, and she costs 10 Farm Cash (roughly $2). Buy it, stick her in the hive and then start collecting Honeybees.

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