Drumbeat continues for iPhone 4 recall

Apple iPhone 4Calls for an Apple iPhone 4 recall are getting louder in advance of a press conference Apple announced for Friday -- cryptically revealing that it will be about the iPhone but giving no other details.

Since its release in June, the iPhone 4 has been plagued with complaints and a class-action lawsuit over its reception and antenna issues. Apple issued an apology over a software glitch that overstates the iPhone's signal strength, which you can read about on WalletPop.
Just this Monday, Consumer Reports said it can't recommend the iPhone 4 because of the reception glitches and has called on Apple to provide its Bumper case -- which costs about $30 extra -- to consumers for free.

If Apple recalls its iPhone 4, it could cost the tech company $1.5 billion, a research analyst estimates. But if Apple gives out the Bumper case, it would cost the company $1 per unit, said CNET.

You know the controversy over the iPhone 4 is gaining ground when Apple's nemesis, Microsoft, can take pot shots at the iPhone 4, calling it Apple's Vista.

In a keynote speech Wednesday at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference, Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner said that "it looks like the iPhone 4 might be their Vista, and I'm OK with that," reports PCMag. Microsoft Vista, the company's PC operating system before Windows 7, has been plagued with bugs and is generally viewed as a poor upgrade from Windows XP.

So what will happen Friday? PC World theorizes Apple could even just simply deny there's a problem with its iPhone 4 and reiterate a statement by its CEO Steve Jobs to "just don't hold it that way."
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