Congratulations! You've just won a raffle prize from -- the BBB?

Dale Mingiton, CEO of Denver/Boulder BBBScammers are using the Better Business Bureau's name in two major Colorado cities to lure consumers into giving up personal information in exchange for prize money.

Twice this week, a Colorado resident received a call from "James Manley with the BBB." She was told she had won a BBB raffle prize of $150,000 and that it would be deposited directly into her bank account -- if she provided the caller with her account number. She said no, and the BBB was able to trace the caller's phone number to Jamaica.
But this isn't the first time such a scam, so far reported in Denver and Boulder, has happened in the state. Earlier this year, another Coloradoan received a call from "Frank Carter with the BBB." The target was also told he won BBB prize money, and had to wire $250 via Western Union to cover taxes.

"The BBB is a nonprofit organization and does not hold such sweepstakes or raffles," said Dale Mingilton, President and CEO of the Denver/Boulder BBB, in a statement. "Scams like this these should serve as a reminder that you always have to verify someone is who they say they are -- whether they call you or come to your door."

BBB Denver/Boulder spokeswoman Megan Miller says not to give away any personal information, but gather any details possible about the caller so it can be reported to the BBB and U.S. Postal Inspector.
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