As Seen on TV: Fix It! For Wood review

The Product: Fix It! For Wood
The Price: Online promotion: $19.95 plus $9.95 processing and handling for The Fix It kit containing one bottle of Fix It Scratch Remover for Light Wood, one bottle of Fix It Scratch Remover for Dark Wood, two jars of Fix It Deep Scratch Remover for Light and Dark Wood and one Microfiber Towel. Retail stores sell the light and dark bottles of Fix It! for Wood for $9.99.
The Claims: Justspray it on and the scratch is gone.
Buy-O-Meter Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Fix It! for Wood claims to be a fast-action scratch remover that instantly repairs light and dark wood. But this spray-on product by Simoniz merely covers up some surface flaws.

With Fix It!, scratches are out of mind, not out for good.

Fix It! is merely a couple of ounces of wood stain in a spray bottle. Spray Fix It! on a lint-free cloth and rub it into the scratch.

During the product's infomercial, pitchman Joe Fowler digs a sharp nail into the surface of a wood table. Don't try that at home. Then he made the scratch disappear -- on camera -- with a couple of spritzes of Fix It!

I've got a lot of scratched wood in my home, and Fix It! fixed none of it. The product did cover or hide some scratches on the door of an old oak cupboard: It fools the eye particularly well on scratches that are viewed head on.

But deep scratches in wood are immune to Fix It's charms. The product does add a little color to scratches and makes them a little less noticeable (A brown Sharpie will do the same for a lot less). But it does not repair wood or fill a gouge.

Fix It! claims to work on all types and colors of wood. But the light and dark stains don't match every wood color. I found that out the hard way when I sprayed the dark potion onto my dark, ash-colored oak floor, and it left an ugly, auburn splotch that my husband noticed the minute he got home -- and he doesn't notice much around the house.

How am I going to fixthat, Fix It!?

Like many As Seen On TV products, Fix It! overstates its ability. It should be called Cover It! or Hide It! or Ruin-My-Oak-Floor It!.

But Fix It! -- it doesn't.
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