Wild Ones samurai armor gives players an edge

wild ones samurai flagwild ones samurai armorwild ones samurai helmet
Wild Ones members have exclusive access to the strength of the Bushido with new samurai accessories. When a pet dons all three pieces of gear: flag, armor and helmet, they receive fifteen percent less damage than usual. That is a pretty sizable damage reduction and could easily turn the tides of a high stakes battle.
wild one samurai
For example, if ordinarily an attack would have done 1,000 damage, the samurai armor set would reduce it down to 850 damage. That's pretty legitimate if you ask me.

Unfortunately though, it is only available to members as I said before, which is pretty lame. They could at least let non-members try on the Bushido goodies like you can try on other accessories in the shop. The only other way to get the armor pieces is by finding them in crates by chance. We wish you luck.

Also keep in mind that unless you are wearing all three pieces of samurai gear, the accessories are merely decorative. For the damage reduction to be in effect, you need all three.

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