Turbulence on Flight Hurts 10

Ten people were injured during turbulence on a Gulf Air flight from the Middle East to the Philippines.

According to various media reports, the A330-200 was on its way from Bahrain to Manila when it encountered severe air pockets.

One Arabian business website published a statement from Gulf Air, saying the incident occurred when the plane was cruising at 41,000 feet and "experienced a short period of heavy turbulence due to bad weather conditions one hour before arriving at Manila airport."

The statement further said, "During the turbulence the aircraft dropped 400ft, resulting in minor injuries to a number of passengers, who were not wearing their seatbelts. The cabin crew administered first aid to the injured passengers and the aircraft landed safely."

The plane was met at the airport by waiting ambulances and nine of the injured were taken to San Juan De Dios Hospital, where they were treated for minor injuries including cuts, bruises and lacerations. Seven were passengers and two cabin crew.

"All were all discharged a few hours later," the airline said.

Photo, first class cabin on Gulf Air, crucially, flickr
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