Top Texas Realtors Who Failed to Pay Taxes Could See Jail Time

Texas real estate couple Nicky and Eleanor Mowery Sheets were living on the tip top of the real estate world. But their next accomplishment may be staying out of federal prison.

For 12 years, Eleanor was Coldwell Banker's top-selling Texas Realtor, and she seemed to have every ingredient necessary to become a local Dallas real estate star. Her entry into the business was an inspirational "dumped divorcee rags- to-riches" tale, and Eleanor was a formidable saleswoman from her very first closing.

But once she met and married Nicky Sheets, son of a wealthy Odessa, Texas, eye surgeon and ostrich rancher, the two teamed up as business partners and took over the town. They produced more than 100 million in annual sales. In November 2007, she ranked 17th in the nation with real estate sales of $171 million. From 1997 to 2003, Nicky and Eleanor cleared more than $9 million in commissions during the best real estate market that Texas has ever seen. It seemed there was nothing they could not accomplish, together.

Now the fate of both licensed real estate agents -- their Texas licenses are still active and current --- rests in the hands of two Texas judges.