How to Interview Potential Roommates


Most of us have a saga about a roommate-gone-wrong; some of us have dozens of sob stories and are still waiting for that perfect living companion.

But few of us, in retrospect, probably thought enough about what we could have asked a potential roommate to determine if they would be a suitable match. Instead, we tend to talk about past co-habitation nightmares -- her boyfriend who never leaves, dirty dishes in the sink and other slovenliness, or how we had to chase after them to chip in on their share of the bills.

Perhaps those sticky situations of the past could have been averted by asking the right questions before the move-in.

To hone in on what to ask and how exactly to phrase your inquiry, RentedSpaces talked to handful of executives from online roommate-search companies. Here's their advice on some of the key questions to pose as you begin your quest for the (yes, they exist) ideal roommate.

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