Home Risks for Children Increase During Summer Vacation

Know how to childproof your home this summer
Know how to childproof your home this summer

Adults like to reminisce about the carefree, lazy days of summer, but for today's kids, summer vacation is anything but. And the average home isn't necessarily a refuge from danger.

According to Safe Kids Worldwide and U.S. News and World Report, summer is Trauma Season, with an average of 2.4 million children visiting the emergency room and over 2,800 deaths during that 2-month period.

Parents may think that home is the safest place for their children, but 69 percent of children's deaths were from home-related accidents. Children younger than 5 and boys are the most frequent victims. The dangers at home are universal, as illustrated in a recent Jerusalem Post article that reported a new public safety campaign uniting childhood safety advocates with interior designers and architects to come up with solutions to the risks that children face at home.

To find out where the dangers lurk in your home, read on: