Free movie rental when you rent one - today only


Rent one movie from a Blockbuster Express kiosk and get a second free -- today only. Use Blockbuster coupon code G217B2. Expires at midnight today, July 14, 2010.

Put two movies in your cart before you enter the coupon code. The free rental is for one night, so if you keep the DVD longer, your credit card will be charged extra fees. You do not need a Blockbuster membership to use their kiosks. New DVD releases stocked in many of the kiosks include Brooklyn's Finest (R), The Bounty Hunter (PG13), and The Book of Eli (R).

Caveats: taxes apply. Limit one per customer. May not be combined with any other offer. Not valid at Blockbuster store locations.
Movie selection varies by kiosk.

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