FarmVille: Is there life after level 100?

farmville life after level 100
farmville life after level 100

If you're a FarmVille power player, life at the top can be lonely (and rather boring). You've already bought all of the multi-milllion coin estates and completed every achievement. To appease overachieving farmers, Zynga recently rolled out a 5M coin mansion only available to level 70 and above, but it was more of a gesture than a real solution to the problem.

It looks like there might be a light at the end of the tunnel, however. This pop-up notification (see above) from one uber farmer says that you can't earn cash after level 100, but says "there's sure to be rainbows after the rain." That leads us to believe the FV team is hard at work behind the scenes, creating new achievements and items for power players. With FarmVille losing millions by the week (the game which once boasted 80 million monthly players is now down to 62 million), keeping devoted sharecroppers in business should be first priority.

[Via FarmVille Freak]

Are you an uber-farmer? What is virtual farm life like after level 70? Leave a note in the comments below.