A Day in the Life - Stephanie at AOL

Stephanie R.
Intern - AOL News

Hi there! I have been interning with AOL for a little over a year. I work on the production support team for AOL News. A lot of what I do is front-end website modifications. Some of the websites I contribute to are AOL News, Politics Daily, Walletpop, Daily Finance, and AOL Small Business. I cannot articulate how much I love my job. Some days I never want to leave!

Along with working for AOL, I am also a senior at Old Dominion University majoring in Information Technology, with concentrations in Network Engineering and Database Administration.

When I don't have my face buried in a monitor or or textbook, I can usually be seen playing softball. I currently play on a travel softball team. I have played since the 10th grade and have loved it. I am also a new gizmo fan. Hopefully getting the new iPhone on Thursday *crosses fingers*.

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A Day In The Life with Stephanie

One of the many reasons I love interning with AOL is their flexibility. I have to wfh in the morning, then to the doc, then work

Back in the office and coding some jquery. Some tutorials that helped me get familiar with jquery awhile ago, http://ow.ly/2boZS

Working on a module for AOL News. It just reminds me of how evil IE6 is. But, that's why there are css hacks :)

I've been interning here for a little over a year and sometimes it's still hard to prioritize tasks

Just added another contributor to out long list of writers for AOL News http://ow.ly/2buFh

Sorry! I meant "our". Clearly IE6 killed some brain cells when I had to work with it a couple hours ago

Listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers while doing some fixes on WalletPop http://ow.ly/2bwJ8 I may start singing out loud

After being here for a year, you would think I would know our systems pretty well. Oh well, Pirates of the Caribbean music ftw

Remote modules, here I come

I have to drag myself away from my computer to go home. Woot woot for 28 and 66 traffic! Thanks for following!