Zynga on FarmVille Bee Hive Glitch solution: Clear the Cache

FarmVille Bee Hive Problem with Screen
FarmVille Bee Hive Problem with Screen

Tonight's FarmVille update that included the release of the Bee Hive feature caused quite a problem for many farmers.

After placing the Bee Hive on the farm, most farmers experienced crashing and accessibility issues.

Zynga address the technical issue and suggests the following:

"Looking into a Placed Beehive Causes Screen to Lock

Clicking "Look Inside" from the menu on a placed beehive causes the screen to lock.


The cause of this issue has been identified to be browser related. If you clear your cache and reload FarmVille, you will no longer be impacted.

Clear your browser cache.

If you find your issue in this section, please refrain from creating additional threads unless otherwise specified in the description of the Bugs listed above." (Source: FarmVille Official Forum)

If you do not know how to clear your internet cache or are unsure, you can consult the following helpful "How to Clear Cache" page.

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