Women gets back ring lost 28 years ago thanks to Facebook

Twenty-eight years after her high school class ring was stolen, a stranger found Michelle Bilodeau on Facebook and returned it.

The Auburn, Maine woman hadn't seen the silver and garnet Edward Little High School Class of '83 ring since her junior year. It was found later at a roller rink by Angie Foster of Benton, Maine, who worked on the rink's cleaning crew as a teen and kept the ring, wearing it sometimes.
"I always wanted to get it back to who it belonged to," Foster told the Sun Journalof Lewiston, Maine. With just the initials MMB engraved on the ring, Foster didn't have much to go on, but she called the high school and got the Bilodeau's name. It took another 15 years and a chance search on Facebook to reunite the ring last week with its owner.

Lost or unclaimed goods can wind up in resellers like Unclaimed Baggage in Alabama, which says it gets more than a million items each year from airlines that declare the goods unclaimed after at least 90 days of trying to track down the owner.

Amateur treasure hunters armed with metal detectors can also help in the search for lost valuables. Just ask David Stone, who runs the site, ILostMyJewelry.com. He has found jewelry, coins and other valuables at Cape Cod, Fort Lauderdale and vacation spots in the Caribbean. Generic jewelry he says he sells to pay for the website, and he returns identifiable jewelry to its owners when they contact him.

Just last week the British Museum announced that an amateur treasure hunter using a metal detector found a stash of more than 5,000 Roman coins in an English farm field.
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