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bank-teller-jobWhen you walk into your local bank branch, you're greeted by a teller. When you pull into the drive-through, a bank teller is there to help you. If you have any questions about your finances, a bank teller is ready to assist you.

Since bank tellers know the ins and outs of banking, they are a vital part of every financial institution. An entry-level position is more attainable than most think. A bank teller job is a great way to start off a career in banking and often requires little to no prior experience. In a short matter of time, you can be on the other side of the teller counter offering financial advice to both individuals and local businesses.

Here is what you can expect from an entry-level bank teller job:

Bank Teller
Job Overview

Job Outlook

Bank tellers held 600,500 jobs in 2008, according to the BLS. Though employment for tellers is expected to grow slower than average through 2018, employment opportunities are still expected to be favorable.

Companies Hiring Bank Tellers

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$23,610: Median annual salary for bank tellers according to the May 2008 BLS report.

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Tellers are often hired based on their customer-service skills, because banks put every teller through an extensive training program. The training program will teach you everything from the basics of banking to the fastest ways to count money. Once you graduate, you will most likely observe an experienced teller before working on your own.

Great hours

The limited amount of hours a bank is open for business may be frustrating as a consumer, but as a teller it gives you the chance to have a flexible schedule.

Continuing education

Even after your orientation program is complete, financial institutions offer free classes to employees to further their knowledge in the field. Class topics range from security to customer service and are usually popular among the employees. Bank tellers can even start classes that train them for other positions within the company, a resource often missing in most industries.

Community relations

One of the most rewarding aspects of a bank teller job is getting to know your community. Neighbors and local businesses alike will need your services daily. As a bank teller you will be able to connect with so many different faces in your area.

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