70% off gift certificates


The new discount at is for 70% off gift certificates to hundreds - pardon me, thousands - of restaurants across the country. A $25 gift certificate starts at $10. Use coupon code FRESH to get the discount. Expires Thursday July 15, 2010. claims to have added new inventory to their site, but I don't see a specific link to recently added restaurants or existing restaurants that have more certificates for sale, which is a little frustrating.

If you're new to make sure to read the fine print as it varies by restaurant. Expect that alcohol, tax and tip will be excluded from the discount and that you'll have to spend above and beyond the certificate amount. So you can't saunter in, order $25 worth of food, and use your cert. Spending $35-$50 is typical to use one cert. Some may limit the days and times you can use the certificate, like not on a busy Saturday night.

Buying a certificate supports WalletPop.

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