Pet Society Blooper: Pumpkinhead

Pet Society Layering Issues
Pet Society Layering Issues

Recently, as I was visiting a friend, I ran into this funny situation. Pet 1, whose name is Poopy (I kid you not) is wearing an invisible ring and a pumpkin mask. Pet 2 is my pet peering through the pumpkin's eyes.

This bizarre moment is due to the layering issues of the game. If you've been playing Pet Society for some time, you've probably encountered a layering problem, when you see one thing on top of another that just doesn't look right. Sometimes, this is annoying, as it can mess up the design of your room. Other times, it can be a funny accident.

Credits: Poopy is owned by Rayan. Pet 2 is Sushi trying to imagine what his dad might look like.

This article originally appeared onPet Society Anonymous.