Nightclub City on Facebook connects players with real-life artists

nightlife city
nightlife city

You love the nightlife? You got to boogie? Then you're probably not spending your nights playing games on Facebook. But, during those off hours, you can keep the beats thumping by playing Nightlife City, a game on Facebook that lets you take a small club and turn it into an A-list nightlife destination by upgrading your digs, spinning tunes and building a rep which attracts more partying patrons.

The game from Booyah has actually been on Facebook since April 2010, and has been fairly popular, gathering a steady user base of 4.5 million fans. Nightlife City is a simulation game, and its strength lies in the fact that it's about music and dancing rather than farming or feeding virtual pets. One of the overlooked (and more interesting) parts of the game is that the music you play in the clubs is from real-life artists, many of which you haven't heard before if you aren't a club music aficionado. Even so, the artists are saying that being in this game has led new fans to them.

"Nightclub City has proven to be an amazing portal for me to uniquely engage with my fans. I've received tens of thousands of new Facebook fans that now connect with me and my music," says Miri Ben-Ari aka The Hip-Hop Violinist, Grammy Award Winner.

Booyah is best known for another app that intersects the real world with the virtual -- an iPhone app called MyTown. My Town is a cross between Foursquare and social game and, as of May 2010, crossed the 2 million user milestone. Nightclub City is only available on Facebook for now, but Booyah hints that the club game might migrate to other apps in the not-too-distant future. See you on the virtual dance floor.

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